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Learn Archery

Come & Try



Enquiries call 0468 TARGET  (0468 827438)



A Come & Try Lesson, is a great opportunity for Beginners to come and have a go at Archery and to have a look at our great club. 


Liverpool City Archers conducts Archery Come & Try on Saturdays & Sundays a couple of times a month, See "Register for Events" to book a come and try session.


Visitors are always welcome.


Archery Come and Try is a low cost easy way to experience archery,

all equipment is provided and qualified instructiors are provided for each session.

As space is limited you MUST book online.



To book into a session you must book online, to book go to REGISTER FOR EVENTS ONLINE on the right side of the page (for desktop version) or scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for (mobile phones), click on the date and follow the prompts.


For safety and management of Come and Try numbers are very limited, if you can not register online it means the session is full. 


Thinking of Joining LCA have a read of our Members Information Booklet


Enquiries call 0468 TARGET  (0468 827438)








Archery is a very safe sport with strict safety rules. People undertaking Archery “COME & TRY” or Coaching should be aware that it is a physical sport, and you will most likely feel -


Muscle tiredness and fatigue. Your body is undertaking an exercise that you are not used to.


Sore fingers, Sore fingers are quite common


It is also highly likely that you may also strike your arm with the bow string causing a graze or a bruise


Hitting or grazing you arm (holding the bow) is quite common, and people can experience bruising. This is an   unavoidable aspect of with Archery, although you will be instructed in the correct method to grip the bow and control your elbow.


But, if this happens you will be provided with an armguard. You must also listen and follow the direction of the instructor/coach.


If you have concerns, please raise these before you commence or consider withdrawing from the activity.